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Thank you, winter ❄️

As winter draws to a close we cannot help but reflect on what an incredible year it has been for CDC.

If we cast our minds back to just over a month ago, we would find ourselves at the final camp of the winter, the British Championships. And as the snowflakes danced down from the heavens (even in April!) we found ourselves coming to the end of a season filled with gratitude, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments. Thank you to every athlete, coach, and parent who contributed to making this winter one for the books. While success is often measured by podium finishes and trophies, we've come to realise that true triumph transcends mere results.

That being said we did have an incredible conclusion to the season with multiple podiums at the British Champs, even clinching the coveted Best U14 Girls trophy - huge congrats to Immie, Arabella and Grace for their consistently fast skiing! These achievements stand as testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved. Yet our team's success encompasses so much more than medals. It is the radiant joy that emanates from each member of our community, a joy born from their unwavering passion for skiing, their relentless drive to improve, and above all, their sheer delight in experiencing the mountains in all their glory.

From dry slope at Sandown, to indoors in Peer to the summer camps in Saas Fee and Hintertux, to pre-race winter training in La Thuile then races in Pila, Bormio, Champery, Flaine, Wengen and Tignes, we have managed over 100 epic days on skis this past year!

Every clean arc around a gate, every powder run, every laughter-filled chairlift ride, and every shared moment on the slopes adds to the tapestry of memories that define our season. Together, we have created a winter wonderland of friendship, growth, and pure exhilaration.

As we end this magical winter season and gear up for our summer it’s important to celebrate the spirit of unity, determination, and boundless joy that has made it truly extraordinary. But it doesn’t stop there - our summer is set to be just as action-packed.

With a Europe camp in Peer and Saas-Fee and a summer dry-slope camp at Sandown, here’s to more adventures, more laughter, and the thrill of chasing dreams among the snow-capped peaks.

See you soon!

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