2020 Sessions

Sandown Park, Chatham & Sky Gym

Sandown October Half Term - Week 1

Week 1 Half Term Ski Race Camp 19 - 21st October 10am - 3pm

This will follow a similar dynamic of our previous successful dry slope camps: Day one foundations, day two building confidence through combinations, day three finding speed. The camp will have stubbies, long gates and

head to head.

Chatham October Half Term - Week 2

CDC are excited to be running their first ever camp at Chatham. Benefitting from a he 220m slope means more repetition of ski skills, a higher volume of gates and the possibility for some GS turns. We are running a three day camp 27 - 29th 11am - 2pm with two sessions a day and a short lunch break in between. 

Sandown Dry Slope Sessions - FULL

After the success of our 2019 autumn sessions we will be continue to support technical and tactical training skills developments from May to October 2020. Each session will consist of a range of free skiing drills, stubbies, big gates and head to heads.

Please note: you must be a member to book. 

Sky Gym Simulator


541 Holloway Road, London


The Sky Gym CDC Private Sessions

CDC are delighted to be collaborating with an indoor Ski Simulator at The Sky Gym, 541 Holloway Rd London. Having been tested by Chemmy and Dougie we were really impressed with the set up. 

The hardest edge in ski racing to master is the outside edge of the inside ski. CDC have found the Ski simulator at Sky Gym to really help force athletes into a dynamic position to help both simulate the symmetry and power over both edges of on snow skiing. We will be providing coaching experiences on a few select Sundays at the Sky Gym. With high intensity and breaks needed, three athletes will share an hour time slot which will be divided into on machine effort, building angles with bands and resting. We will be providing coaching and video.


After the success of our sold out 4th October Day we are running more opportunities. 

12 available throughout the day (multiple bookings possible but we suggest a break in between!) £50 per slot.


22nd October 1 - 5pm
1 - 2 pm 3 slots available 
2 - 3 pm 3 slots available 
3 - 4 pm 3 slots available
4 - 5 pm 3 slots available

Coached by Chemmy Alcott

Note: You MUST sign up as a member before you book.

CDC Performance


Dougie Crawford & Chemmy Alcott

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