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CDC Race Club UK Sessions

Sandown Park, Chatham, Bearsden Ski Club & Infiniski

CDC is proud to support athlete's ski skill development whilst supporting their academic needs. Alongside our on snow camps every school holiday we also provide UK based ski training days both on dry slopes around the country and ski simulators.


We have a weekly development programme running at our 'home' slope at Sandown Park. These sessions have key goals and exercises and courses set to achieve them. They are diverse, fun and technical. 


We also run full day camps at other slopes, notably Chatham and a new venue of Bearsden in Scotland. These take place in school holidays to help the progress of those who aren't able to fly to the snow. 


They include a structured pathway of development from free ski drills, band assisted movements, stubbies, slalom long gates, GS (when possible) and our favourite... head to head racing.


We are excited to announce that we have newly invested in rollers and jumps to add to our courses and skill acquisition adding more terrain for athletes to test agility and FUN!


Ski Simulator Sessions @ Infiniski

Cranmore School, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6AT

Ski Simulator

Infiniski CDC Private Sessions

The hardest edge in ski racing to master is the outside edge of the inside ski. 

CDC are delighted to be collaborating with a new indoor Ski Simulator at Infiniski, located at Cranmore School, Epsom Road, West Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6AT. 

CDC have found the ski simulator to really help force athletes into a dynamic position to help both simulate the symmetry and power over both edges of on snow skiing. With high intensity and breaks needed, three athletes will share an hour time slot which will be divided into on machine effort, building angles with bands and resting. We will be providing coaching and video.


We are excited to start this new collaboration after huge success in our Ski Simulator sessions at The Sky Gym last winter. 

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