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At CDC, the wellbeing of all club members is our utmost priority.

We approach ski racing with a 'fun first' mentality - of course ski racing is about performance, development and results - but for us, the most important thing is that our athletes have fun doing what they love - and that they remain safe while doing so.

That's why all of our staff undergo thorough safeguarding training on a regular basis to ensure they understand how to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all members of our club.

Please see below for more information on Safeguarding, including links to our Safeguarding policy, how to report a concern and designated Safeguarding contacts.

(Please note: if you are viewing our website on a mobile, you may be unable to access document links. Please visit our website on a browser to see the full safeguarding page.)

Safeguarding information for members

You can click the link on the right to view our Safeguarding Policy Statement. This is reviewed regularly by our committee, and updated by our club welfare officer.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Nina Minhard. The CWO is who you should contact should you wish to report a concern. Her email address is

Last reviewed: 05/03/2024

Next review date: 04/03/2025

How to report a concern 

Club Welfare Officer: Nina Minhard

It is not your responsibility to decide whether a child or adult has been abused, but it is your responsibility to report any concerns appropriately. 

For children, you have a legal duty of care to pass on the concern appropriately with or without their permission, or the permission of their parents.

For an adult, you would usually only do so with their consent, but you should still inform the Club Welfare Officer as there are times they may need to report without consent. 

If you think a child or adult is in immediate danger, call the police or emergency services on 999.

To report a concern, please email Nina with the heading 'Safeguarding Concern' and mark as important. Nina will get back to you to discuss the appropriate steps that need to be taken.

Other safeguarding information

Snow Safe Policy - children

Snow Sport England's Snow Safe policy explains the guidelines that all Snow Sports Clubs' safeguarding protocol must adhere to.

Snow Safe Policy - adults

Snow Sport England provide a separate policy concerning the Safeguarding of adults that all clubs must work in accordance with.


We endeavour to create an environment that is safe and open to all. See Snow Sport England's guidance on anti-bullying. 

Other contact details

Enquiries about camps and dry slope sessions

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