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Training with CDC

We have an open policy where anyone is welcome to come and train. Whether you've never raced before, are already a member of a dry-slope club or even attend an academy and just want some extra training with World Class coaches. 

Here at CDC we want everyone to feel included and part of our little family. It's so important to support those around us and as a result our athletes are known for their positive attitudes and ability to boost each other up and make amazing things happen.

On our camps we always encourage fun, however there are some rules that apply...

CDC Membership

CDC Performance/CDC Race Club Terms & Conditons

Terms & Conditions of Booking

Please see here for our full Terms & Conditions. You'll need to have read these before booking onto a camp, or becoming a member of CDC Race Club. Download

Code of Conduct for Athletes - Download

Code of Conduct for Parents - Download

Photography Policy - Download

Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure - Download

Safeguarding Policy Statement - Download

Safeguarding Contacts - Download

Anti-Bullying Policy - Download

Social Media Policy - Download

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