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CDC Summer Glacier Camp 2022

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Les Deux Alpes, France 10th - 30th July 2022

Suitable for FIS, Children & minis U10 and above. As per usual all minis must be accompanied by an adult and can join on a per day basis/outlier.

One of our most popular camps. This is an excellent camp for all levels to start preparing for Winter 2022/23 with focus on intense morning skiing up the glacier prioritising fundamentals in free skiing, creating a little black book of personal drills to get athletes ready for racing, strategy and tactics in gates, equipment testing where possible with afternoons full of a variety of fitness activities including climbing, white water rafting, road biking and much much more! We will end the camp with some mock up races to show individual improvements.

Flights - Accompanied flights are as below (Booked by Outbound flight - accompanied by James Hargreaves ref K3G4QZ3 seat 7A (please note outbound only) London (LGW) - Geneva (GVA) 10 July 2022 Easy Jet EZS8466 11.05 LGW 13.45 GVA Return flight - accompanied by Ellen Breen ref K3G4RLG seat 7A (please note return only) Geneva (GVA) - London (LGW 30th July 2022 Easy Jet EZY8485 21.40 GVA 22.20 LGW

Accommodation Hotel Alborg. Central Les Deux Alpes. This hotel has a great set up for race teams, very well located next to the fields for afternoon fitness. En suite bedrooms, fantastic food and a good ski room.

Camp Duration We highly recommend the full three week camp. Arrival is on the sunday so that those athletes breaking up from school on the Friday for summer holidays have a day of rest before travelling. There will be a development programme in place to capitalise on the 20 day camp so ideally all athletes start Day 1. This is a chance to make big positive changes in everyone’s skiing for next winter. If this doesn’t suit and you would like to make your own arrangements to come or leave at different times please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Cost Inliers: £1485 for week 1 or 2 (7 days ski)

£1325 for week 3 (6 days ski)

Weeks 1&2 £2825

Weeks 2&3 £2700

£3880 for the full camp Outliers: £95 per day or £570 per 6 days (not including lunch or lift pass). Please note we are as yet unsure as to whether we can provide lunch for outliers - we will confirm as soon as possible.

Please feel free to book using the form below or by clicking the button above:

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May 20, 2022

🚨 FLIGHT UPDATE 🚨 Outbound 10th July- Easyjet EZS8466 LGW 11.05 - GVA 13.45 accompanied by James Hargeaves, booking reference K3G4QZ3

Return 17th July- Easyjet EZS8481 GVA 19.10- LGW 19.45 accompanied by James Hargreaves booking reference K3JZPV6

Outbound 17th July- Easyjet EZY8484 LGW 13.35- GVA 16.20 accompanied by Ellen Breen booking reference K3JZQDH

Return 24th July- Easyjet EZS8481 GVA 19.10- LGW 19.45 accompanied by Lewis Reid booking reference K3KK2CJ

Return 30th July- Easyjet EZY8485 GVA 21.40- LGW 22.20 accompanied by Ellen Breen booking Reference K3G4RLG

Camp details and booking forms for other camps should be available in the next few weeks!

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