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Name: Cammy Gunn
Age: 28
Role:Race Coach  


BASI ISTD Level 4, BASI Trainer & Examiner 

What have you been doing the last 5 years?-
I have been working in both Val d I’sere and Chamonix, running a ski school and working as an Instructor, I mix this with coaching other instructors through the Eurotest and their Basi levels, I use my time in the summer to work at a skydiving centre in the UK and coach on the glaciers.

Why are you passionate about skiing?

Its all about being outside for me. I try and spend as much time as possible in the mountains and skiing is a great way to get around the mountains and opens up huge amount of possibilities.

What do you love about coaching?

-Teaching and coaching have always been a massive part of my skiing life from my mid-teens. Having started out coaching younger athletes whilst I was still training, I soon realised my love of teaching and seeing others develop their skills and achieve their goals was my true passion.

I believe hard work and commitment play a massive part in peoples success and both the coach and trainee must those two attributes to succeed. 

Best day ever on skis?

-Lapping the Fornet trees in Val d I’sere on a powder day with some good friends. 

3 words to describe yourself?

  • Fun

  • Mindful

  • Energetic 

Your biggest strength as a coach?

I feel biggest strength is my ability to motivate people to push themselves and always stride for better. 

What do you bring to Team CDC?

- I would like to think I can bring some slightly different experience from my last few years working in the world of ski instruction and of course years and years of spending time in the mountains and getting everyone to the peak of their abilities and able to fully enjoy the mountain environment. 

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