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Name: Nina Minhard
Role: Club Welfare Officer


Alpine Foundation Performance Coach (L1), BA Joint Hons in Literature and German

What have you been doing the last 5 years?
I previously worked in an education marketing role for my local authority - which involved being out in the community a lot and working with local organisations and schools.

Why are you passionate about skiing?

I was born in the mountains! 🇦🇹 When I'm surrounded by them I feel safe. They feel like home to me - and with that, so does skiing! It's my happy place. It's freedom. Gliding down the slopes (usually singing or talking to myself!) with blue skies ahead, not a care in the world - there's no feeling like it.

What do you love about working with CDC?

It feels like one big family - from the coaches to the athletes, it's amazing to see the joy in everyone's faces through their shared love of skiing. Whether it be on the dry slopes or in the mountains - there is always such a good vibe - everyone just wants to have fun doing what they love!

Best day ever on skis?

Any epic powder day! The photo to the left was in Tignes last year. I had the morning to myself to ski and the powder on this one stretch was SO good I skiied it again, and again, and again...!


3 words to describe yourself?

  • Resilient

  • Understanding

  • Adventurous

Your biggest strength as a Club Welfare Officer?

I am super passionate about helping young people to enrich their lives and develop into the best possible versions of themselves. Every young person should get the opportunity to thrive.

What do you bring to Team CDC?

A warm, welcoming vibe - I am here if anyone needs me.

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