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Name: Dougie Crawford
Role: Head Coach & Founder


BASI ISTD, Former world cup racer and British #1.

What have you been doing the last 5 years?
Running CDC, coaching and supporting lots of amazing kids and adults and helping them grow. Learning a huge amount in the process!

Why are you passionate about skiing?

It's freedom! Going fast, skiing powder, moguls, hitting jumps- there's so much variety and the feelings just don't get old!

What do you love about coaching?

Encouraging people to push themselves and discover what they are capable of. Seeing the improvements and the joy sport brings.

Best day ever on skis?

Heli-skiing in Iceland! My first time in a helicopter and getting dropped at the peak and skiing down to the sea was just incredible!

3 words to describe yourself?

  • Practical

  • Thoughtful

  • Funny/resilient

Your biggest strength as a coach?

Having spent a long time racing to a high level I have a pretty good technical eye and understanding and have spent a lot of time practising and thinking about how to relate that knowledge to others. I also just love skiing and coaching so bring a lot of passion.

What do you bring to Team CDC?

I do a lot of planning and work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. I think things through to make sure all our bases are covered.

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