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Name: Chemmy Alcott
Role: Head Coach & Founder


4 Time Winter Olympian, Won a run in a World Cup (GS Soelden 2008) BBC Ski Sunday Presenter.

What have you been doing the last 5 years?
Watching our CDC racers smile and rip through camps and races. Presenting racing on TV. Having two wee boys. 

Why are you passionate about skiing?

I can't imagine my life without the mountains. I am so lucky to have lived a life full of opportunities because of following my goal to be the best ski racer I could be. Learning through victory and injury that this sport is a rollercoaster and we don't have to win to grow! I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

What do you love about coaching?

Being part of someone's Eureka moment and supporting them to have the confidence to risk more.

Best day ever on skis?

Coming 11th in the Turin Olympic DH with my whole family watching and supporting.

3 words to describe yourself?

  • Positive

  • Impatient

  • Vivacious

Your biggest strength as a coach?

I can always make someone smile.

What do you bring to Team CDC?

Lightness and laughter. I know when to create an environment where we work hard to achieve results but equally to make sure everyone has fun. I am the activity planner!

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